Covering the needs of the offshore industry

When offshore modules are being shipped, they need to be protected from wind and weather, dust and dirt. A custom-made tarpaulin from Tjessem Presenning is high quality and provides good protection at a reasonable price.

«We deliver a range of custom-made tarpaulins to the offshore industry, of all sizes and types. Our tailored hoods and covers are manufactured in the desired color and quality, and can be delivered with logo, document pockets, sleeves, zippers that provide access even if the product is covered, and other needs the customer may have. This means we have a lot of very satisfied customers”, says Frode Tjessem, general manager of Tjessem Presenning.

Fast and affordable, with high quality

One of the companies who have repeatedly chosen to use Tjessem Presenning’s custom-made tarpaulins is Hitec Products, most recently on the Johan Sverdrup project.

“Tjessem Presenning always deliver what we need. We have used them for a number of projects in recent years, ranging from multi-tonne modules to small installations. Being a local supplier ensures good communication and makes them easy to relate to. I see no reason why we would choose someone else the next time we need to protect our modules – Tjessem Presenning gets the job done quickly and affordable, but always with high quality”, says Asbjørn Bøen, project engineer at Hitec Products.

Experience offshore

Tjessem Presenning, which is located in Klepp in Rogaland, Norway, has years of experience in producing good solutions for the oil and gas industry, especially for oil service providers.

«Offshore has been an important industry ever since we started up, and we have made hundreds of tarpaulins for different modules, from small freshwater purifiers to large compressors. Some of the reasons why companies are still choosing us are that we are quick to deliver, have solid product knowledge and high quality solutions, and we offer reasonable prices, which is particularly important these days, Frode says, pointing out that a custom tarpaulin is a simpler and better way to protect anything than by using plastic, which can be both time consuming and inaccurate, and also is a potential environmental hazard.

Handles all challenges

Frode Tjessem also points to their equipment park as an advantage. The process usually start with the customer sending specs of their modules with relevant measurements, and Tjessem Presenning creates a solution based on this. There are no standard solutions, everything is made to order for what needs cover.

«Over the years, we have always been keen to invest in proper equipment, which ensures that we can always deliver what our customer needs. Our welding machines ensure that the tarpaulins get exactly the measurements and shapes that are agreed. Using solid wire and special sewing machines reinforces all corners and particularly exposed areas. Our milling machines weld double-quality plastic enamels, or we incorporate brass enamels. Put together, this provides a tarpaulin that can withstand all challenges it is likely and unlikely to face. We are ready to handle the next challenge, so please contact Tjessem Presenning with your needs.